Round Up Program 2021 Recap

What is the Round Up at the Register Program?

The Round Up at the Register Program was established in 2016 and has been an important source of funding for local non-profits and organizations in our community. If you choose, your change that you would get back is donated to a specific program or organization each month. This funding stays local, each organization or program has direct ties to our community. One of the cooperative principles is concern for community and what better way to show our community support than provide funding that came from you, our shoppers!

Who did we donate to in 2021?

January – Quincy Elementary School 6th Grade Outdoor Education Program – $714.63

February – Quincy Co-op Preschool – $774.36

March – Wild Mt. Herbal Collective – $806.51

April – Mountain Valley Parents Club, 6th Grade Charter School Environmental Education – $911.15

May – Feather River Land Trust – $1,015.52

June – Plumas County Fire Safe Council – $1,152.99

July – Bread for the Journey – $1,092.31

August – Plumas Community Hospice – $917.10

September – Plumas Arts, Artists in Schools – $1,052.90

October – Cooperative Community Grant – $536.34

November – Friends of Plumas Wilderness – $743.14

December – Lost Sierra Composite Mountain Bike Team – $551.23

$10,268.18 in donations from YOU to YOUR COMMUNITY!