Affordable Food Program

What is the Affordable Food Program?

Quincy Natural Food’s Affordable Food Program helps eligible, low-income Member-Owners receive a 10% discount on groceries, active for a 6-month period.  This discount  applies at both our Co-op locations; Quincy and Portola. We believe that healthy food should be available to everyone. Eat fresh, and enjoy!

The Co-op developed our Affordable Food Program (AFP) to support broader access to fresh and health foods in our community.   Qualifying is easy and open to all members. The premise is simple: Everyone deserves to eat healthy food, regardless of income.

Do I Qualify?

Co-op Member- Owners participating in SNAP (Calfresh/food stamp benefits) are eligible to apply for the AFP discount.  Details are included on the AFP application.  

How Do I Sign Up?

Members in good standing* (either paid in full or current on equity payments) may submit an AFP application for review.  Once approved, benefits of a 10% discount, good for a period of six months will be added to your member number account.  Any member receiving AFP has the option to apply for renewal, and will be continued in program, as long as they still qualify.

*Co-op membership is $20 per person/annually until $300 is reached.

  • The discount is valid in both stores and is tied to your membership(Pink Card)—you don’t carry a different, special card or show anything to your cashier, expect Pink card, after you’ve signed up. 
  • Must have Pink Membership card present to receive discount on each shopping trip.
  • Renewing is as easy as signing up, one simple form! Simply stop by the register, show your qualifying card to a Cashier and ask for the AFP form.
  • Sorry, no retroactive discounts if the discount expires or during waiting periods.
  • Stronger Together!

Download the form here.
Fill it out and bring it to customer service.