Board of Directors

Your Board of Directors drive the vision and mission of your co-op.

You vote for the persons that hold true to your important values. They then help by guiding the actions of the General Manager. Our dedicated staff provides customer service and operational expertise to YOU, the Co-op owner!

Board of Directors Committees

Take an active part in the governance of the Co-op by sitting on one of our board committees. Committees formed by the Board do work outside of the monthly Board Meetings to tackle special projects, recurring events and to further uphold the Co-op’s commitment to our Ends. Committees have openings for fellow Owners who are not on the Board but wish to join and contribute. Interested in the Board’s work on one of the committees you see listed below? Please click the link to the right to contact the Board for more information on how you can join.

  • Executive Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Policy-Governance Committee
  • Board Development Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Farmers Market Ad Hoc Committee

Board of Director meetings will be held in-person at the co-op Administration Building at 248 Main St. Quincy CA. If you would like to attend via video conference call, please use the “Join The Meeting Here” button below. Please email for any further questions. ​

  • Attend the Annual Meeting 
  • Attend one or more board meetings
  • Meet with a current or former Director
  • Serve on a Board committee
Contact the board

Questions? Concerns? Kudos? Ideas? We want to hear them all! Please contact the board at the email below:

Upcoming Board of Directors Meetings

All current members are encouraged to attend via video conference call or in-person. Meetings are held at the Co-op administration building at 248 Main St. Quincy, CA. All meetings are held on Tuesdays, from 5:00pm – 7:00pm.

Current Board of Directors