Portola Store Update

By Marcie Wilde, General Manager

In September 2022 we learned that the owner of our Portola building was looking to sell. The co-op was not in a position to purchase real estate at the time, so the building went on the market. During this time we were unsure of the future of the Portola co-op. 

In early 2023 we learned that there was a potential buyer in escrow. The prospective owners reached out to us and we shared our goal of continuing to stay operating out of 60 N. Pine St. On May 1st we learned that these buyers closed escrow and are officially the owners of the property. 

We look forward to working with them and are excited to know we are able to stay put in this location. We will be sharing more information about them soon, but for now, we can all rest easy knowing that our beloved Portola Feather River Food Co-op isn’t going anywhere!