Improving Food Access in Plumas County

Access to healthy food means having a variety of affordable, good quality, healthy food options within one’s community. Here at Feather River Food Co-op, we believe that organic food should be available to everyone. Eating fresh, healthy organic foods should not be a right just for those who can afford it. Both the Affordable Food Program and the College Student Food Access Program help low-income member-owners afford the food they deserve to eat.

The Co-op developed AFP and CSFAP to help qualifying member-owners offset the cost of organic foods with a 10% discount at both Co-op locations. The premise is simple: Everyone deserves to eat healthy food, regardless of income. Food access is an important component of food security, which is having consistent access to enough nutritious food for a healthy active life. If you are a lower-income member-owner struggling to afford the food you deserve to eat, stop into either store location to apply today!